Carlos Creus Moreira, CEO WISeKey Presentation Future Football Stadiums at FIFA Headquarters

Clubs realise that the technology empowers them: their fans can capture the content around the club: it might be goals from a game, or just seeing a player walk down the street, but if that user-generated content is sent around the world from the club’s platform, rather than from another social media platform, they get the benefit. So clubs want to wrest users from Facebook or Twitter and create an existence and a community that is directly linked to them.

The stadia as hubs need to be centralised as this is where all the media data is aggregated and the identity information is unified. There is no privacy issue: this is not about names or addresses of fans anymore, it’s about digital identity and behaviour – which younger fans have no problem sharing, particularly if it involves not only being part of the club community but also generating content for that club.