OISTE.ORG Foundation and @WISeKey $WKEY are proud to participate as speakers
at the #WorldLawCongress Colombia 2021, in #Barranquilla on December 02/03 today showcased
at #NASDAQ Tower @TimesSquareNYC

The OISTE Foundation strives to influence the decision-making processes that shape the digital ecosystem where human beings evolve with the following ethical chart:

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Code to the Metaverse at the Vatican: 在梵蒂冈解码元宇宙

8:00pm-10:30pm CST : 北京时间 8:00pm-10:30pm

The signing ceremony
of anti-illicit trade declaration.

Representatives from OISTE Foundation, Sucafina, PMI International, WISeKey SA and Zermatt Summit Foundation during the signing ceremony of anti-illicit trade declaration.

Despite considerable efforts of globalization governments and actors from the private sector, illicit trade remains prevalent and continues to pose a significant threat to the global economy.

Carlos Moreira’s podcast interview with -- Deb Donig, PhD
Carlos Moreira’s podcast interview with
— Deb Donig, PhD

Assistant Professor of English Literature
Cal Poly, SLO
P: 805-756-7187

Ethical Tech California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

The TransHuman Code: Carlos Moreira imagines a human-centered technological future.

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Carlos Moreira, the CEO of WISeKey. We discuss the possibilities for building a human-centered technological future today—and the consequences if we do not. What does a human-centered model for technological production look like? How can we build human rights into our tech? And what needs to change to return human values to tech?

Oiste Foundation

Declaraciones de Carlos Moreira, Fundador CEO de WISeKey y autor del libro “The Transhumance Code”

Notatecnologia 24112021

Steve Bannon Interviews Carlos Moreira on the TransHuman Code Book

PMI IMPACT: We Need a Network to Fight a Network

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