Carlos Creus Moreira visiting the Deltalis Bunker deep insi

Carlos Creus Moreira visiting the Deltalis Bunker deep inside a Swiss Mountain Alps

WISeKey root systems backed by OISTE are created and maintained in secure military bunkers under the Swiss Alps and operated by the Swiss Army, recognized as one of the most secure areas in the world today. Because of Swiss confidentiality laws, no private or government body can force the root key to be divulged. This guarantees that all information and data encrypted through OISTE/WISeKey certificates will remain secure. This approach is unique as no other infrastructure of its kind exists in such a high security environment, and the level of neutrality and protection afforded by stringent Swiss confidentiality and security laws is second to none.

From its zero-risk bunker deep in the Swiss Alps, WISeKey maintains the common global root certificate. The common global root certificate is part of an agreed upon public key infrastructure that puts invisible “watermarks” on digital data to certify it as valid and un-hacked.