WISeCoin interview with Carlos Creus Moreira in San Francisco

A first-of-its-kind IoT Cryptocurrency Smart Payment solution allowing connected objects to pay with WISeCoin. The IoT CryptoCurrency Smart Payment allows the ability for connected objects secured by WISeKey Semiconductors to pay other connected objects using WISeCoin. WISeKey has tested the technology on connected cars allowing a connected car secured by WISeKey to pay for electricity, gas and parking through the integration of WISeCoin crypto wallets at the Secure Element Chip level.

Each connected object is equipped with WISeKey’s Secure Element, called VaultIC184, consisting of a tamper resistant silicon chip, based on a state-of-the-art secure micro controller, with a specific Application Programming interface, based on the latest specifications, allowing device manufacturers an easy integration of the chip and tokens, as well as a provisioning service, transferring the burden of device personalization to WISeKey’s secure Personalization Center.