Carlos Moreira, CEO & Founder WISeKey

Annual General Meeting – WISeKey Shareholders Approve All Agenda Items • 6 Members of the Board of Directors Re-elected, Thomas Whayne and Fergusson Newly Elected as Directors • Authorized Share Capital and Conditional Share Capital Renewed and Increased Zurich, Switzerland, 31 May 2017 WISeKey International Holding Ltd “WISeKey” or the “Company”) (SIX: WIHN) announced that its shareholders approved all agenda items at WISeKey’s 2017 Annual General Meeting held today in Zurich, Switzerland. Among other things, the shareholders approved the 2016 Annual Report, including the audited consolidated and statutory financial statements for financial year 2016, re-elected all members of the Board of Directors who stood for re-election, and elected Thomas Whayne and David Fergusson were newly elected to the Board. Shareholders also re-elected and confirmed Carlos Moreira as Chairman of the Board. Thomas Whayne, David Fergusson and Maryla Shingler Bobbio will be on the Company’s Nomination & Compensation Committee. The shareholders of WISeKey also approved a number of other items at the Annual General Meeting, including: to carry forward the Company’s net loss in fiscal year 2016; to discharge all members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management from liability for their activities during the fiscal year 2016; and in an advisory vote, the Company’s 2016 compensation report, and the board of directors’ and executive management’s total compensation as required under Swiss law and the Articles of Association for the period until the 2018 AGM and financial year 2018, respectively.