Mission and Vision


At the OISTE Foundation, we are dedicated to:

Upholding and advancing the intrinsic human right to data privacy in the digital realm, ensuring that control over digital identity remains with the individual.

Guiding the growth of technologies anchored in our trusted root, thereby empowering individuals to govern their own identities and data.

Championing a universally accepted code of ethics in the development and application of artificial intelligence.

Vigorously combating illicit trade and counterfeiting activities.

Advocating for the internet to be a neutral space, governed collaboratively by diverse stakeholders.


We envision a future where:

The digital ecosystem inherently respects each individual’s right to data privacy, safeguarding the sanctity of users’ digital identities.

Digital identity and personal data ownership rest solely with the individual, ensuring that no third party can exploit this information without clear, affirmative consent.

Identity validations, whether for people, objects, or content, are fortified by robust cryptographic technologies.

Artificial intelligence operates in harmony with human values, acting under human direction and adhering strictly to established ethical guidelines.

The internet’s governance reflects the will of a global, multi-stakeholder community, bound by internationally endorsed regulations and answerable to international judiciaries.