Mission and Vision


The OISTE Foundation strives to influence the decision-making processes that shape:

  • The human right to data privacy in the digital space and the control of digital identity by the individual user
  • The development of technologies under the foundation’s trusted root of trust, putting the individual user in control of their identity and data
  • The respect of a human code of ethics in artificial intelligence
  • The fight against illicit-trade and counterfeiting
  • Internet as a neutral, multi-stakeholder governed technology


Human beings evolve in a digital ecosystem that satisfies the following conditions:

  • Respect of the human right to data privacy and the protection of users’ digital identity
  • Ownership of digital identity and personal data is in the hands of the individual. Third parties cannot exploit the individuals’ identity and data without their express consent
  • The validation of identity information of persons, objects and content is done using strong cryptographic technologies
  • The use of artificial intelligence is subservient of human values and human command and needs to be in line with ethical principles 
  • Internet governance is in the hands of a multi-stakeholder community empowered by internationally agreed by-laws and accountable to international tribunals.