Building Better worlds event

OISTE will be present at two webinars of the Building Better Worlds event on February 15, 2022:

Webinar 1: With the advent of digital social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the ability of user-generated content to reach millions became available to everyone. At first the creative spirit was expressed primarily for social capital. While these platforms became enormously profitable, those generating content had no direct means to generate revenue. That changed with the birth of Influencer branding and the creation of Blockchain ecosystems. Digital creators now have a direct channel to sell their creations. Will this unleash an unparalleled creative era?

Webinar 2: Unlike both the physical world and Web2 where ownership and value creation is highly centralized, Web3 offers the potential for more personalized control of user identity, data and value creation, With the Web 3 building blocks maturing enough to provide an independent financial system with DeFi, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana, community tokens, NFT’s and DAO’s, and the experiential technologies of VR, AR and AI developing apace, the general tools are will soon be in place for the full emergence of the metaverse. How will traditional corporations express themselves in this new environment? Who will own what in this new world?