Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress

The 2020 Geneva Blockchain Congress examined the theme of “from laboratory to market via ethics, regulation and governance”.

            +100    Speakers;

            1,000   attendees from 30 countries;

            50        Exhibitors and start-ups;

            40        International media organisations;

            8          Fields of Activity

OISTE led the “Illicit Trade and Counterfeiting” track and WISeKey led the “Deep Tech on Blockchain” track.

OISTE Foundation is a member of the Steering Committee and the Organisation Committee of GABC.

Plenary Session:

Keynote:         Carlos Moreira on the subject “The DeepTech IoT on the Blockchain Platform”;

Keynote:         Don Tapscott on the subject “Trust Protocol” with a World Premiere

RoundTable:   “How Can Blockchain Fight Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting?”

Moderator:      Carlos Moreira (WISeKey)

Panellists:       Don Tapscott (BRI),

                        Kavita Gupta (Stanford University),

                        Alvise Giustiniani (Philip Morris International).

The OISTE Foundation participated as “Presenting Partner” to the event and managed the entire “Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting” track with:

Moderator:      Dourgam Kummer (OISTE Foundation)

Roundtable:    Blockchain & ID Technology in the Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting Battle

  • Alvise Giustiniani (Philip Morris International)
  • Léo Daguet (Richemont)

            Blockchain solutions supporting IP/Trade Design/Trade Secret/ID Protection

  • Pedro Fuentes (OISTE Foundation)

Roundtable:    The potential use of Blockchain in the international legal framework for the control of illicit trade and counterfeiting

  • Philippe Lucet (WeCan Protect)
  • Sébastien Fanti (Fanti Law & Patent)

The potential use of Blockchain in the international legal framework for the control of illicit trade and counterfeiting:

  • Tobias Freeman (Siracusa International Institute)
  • Graham Mott (UNCTAD)

Concrete cases of Blockchain application in anti-illicit trade and counterfeiting:

  • PMI Impact concrete activities on Blockchain
  • OISTE Digital identity on the Blockchain
  • Blockchain in the Watch Industry (Richemont)

OISTE Foundation objectives

  • Promote the Anti-Illicit Trade Declaration;
  • Attract new technologies to support and develop the fight against Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting;
  • Raise awareness on the activity of the OISTE Foundation and its partners in this field;

OISTE Actions

  • Engage with publics/privates/NGOs on the discussion of Anti-Illicit Trade and Counterfeiting;
  • Visibility through social media publications
  • Intensifying its campaign and position as a Technology NGO in the field of digital identity for persons (Digital Human Rights) & objects (Internet of Things).