UNCTAD’s eCommerce Week

Disclaimer: due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the world, the UN decided to cancel the event, which impeded the Foundation to organize the roundtable.

The eCommerce Week is a multi-stakeholder forum where Ministers, CEOs, international organizations, civil society and other bodies reunite to discuss the development opportunities and challenges associated with the digital economy.

            350+    Speakers and Moderators

            1500+  Registered Participants

            135      Countries including 30 LDCs

            503      Government Representatives

            350      Private Sector

            354      Civil Society

The 2020 edition of eCommerce Week would have focused on “Creating Value in the Digital Economy”.

The OISTE Foundation applied for a keynote and a roundtable as “Presenting Partner” on the subject “Protecting Cyber-consumers from Illicit Trade Flows”

Plenary Session:         “Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting fight in the Global Web”.

Roundtable:                Protecting Cyber-consumers from Illicit Trade Flows;

Panel structure:          Interactive Q&A session with the panellists and the audience on concrete cases


Daoming Zhang (INTERPOL)

            Tobias Freeman (Siracusa International Institute)

            Frédéric Esposito (Université de Genève)

            Teresa Moreira (UNCTAD)

OISTE Foundation objectives

  • Promote the Anti-Illicit Trade Declaration;
  • Attract new technologies to support and develop the fight against illicit trade & counterfeiting;
  • Raise awareness on the activities of the OISTE Foundation and its partners in this field;

OISTE Actions

  • Engage with publics/privates/NGOs on the discussion of Anti-Illicit Trade and Counterfeiting;
  • Visibility through social medias;
  • Intensifying its campaign and position as a Technology NGO in the field of digital

            identity for Persons (Digital Human Rights) & Objects (Internet of Things).