Zermatt Summit

Disclaimer: due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the world, the event was postponed to 2021.

The common good is the sum of social and environmental conditions which allow people as individuals and as groups to be fulfilled. Servant leaders are the ones willing to mobilize their talents to serve others, their organization and society at large. Servant leaders are a powerful force for change in organizations. We view humanizing as the force which enables the individual person to be respected in all its dimensions and which empowers leaders to care for the people in their organization as a priority. We encourage unifying private and professional values in order to reconnect with the purpose and dignity of work.

Last 10 years achievements:

  • Over 200 speakers and 1000 participants from 45 countries
  •  Direct and indirect financial investments in innovative projects
  • Innovative entrepreneurs’ network
  • Follow up and implementation of new ventures and entrepreneurial projects
  • Publishing 100 solutions books on sustainability
  • Club des 100
  • Knowledge circle

The OISTE Foundation wishes to apply as a Strategic Partner for the full track/session/block 2 on “How can new technologies such as AI, Blockchain or Digital Identity support the future of sustainable business and finance”.

Plenary Session:         TBD

Roundtable:                TBD

Panel structure:          Interactive Q&A session with the panelists and the audience on concrete cases

Panelists:                    TBD