Through The transHuman Code event sponsored by OISTE.ORG foundation at the Vatican, Moreira and Fergusson, will meet with global thought leaders, who seek to center humanity in the emerging tension between a human-controlled or a machine-controlled world. The authors and contributors propose that we start the design of the transHuman future from a human perspective, making sure that technology will inspire revolution or evolution so we can ensure humanity continues to thrive.

“It has never been more important than it is now to engage in this critical discussion,” said Moreira.  “Human identity has a value, which has been and will continue to be exploited unless we reverse the recent trends in technology.  Placing the power back into the hands of the humans engaging with technology will enable them to realize the true value of their identities, in ways they never thought possible.”

Produced by Humanity 2.0, with the support of the Pontifical Lateran University at the Vatican, Technology and Human Flourishing is an exclusive gathering of technology, corporate, finance, government, academic, ecclesiastic and media leaders in an interactive forum to catalyze awareness.


Date: July 29, 2019
Time: 13:00 – 17:00 hrs
Location: Vatican City (Collegio Teutonico)
Dress: Business Casual

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